Hungry Woman by Pauline Cox - Pre-order a Signed Edition

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HUNGRY WOMAN - Eating for Health, Happiness + Hormones

Women's health has long been overlooked and under-researched - with menopause legislation now being openly discussed and ongoing campaigns against the stigma around periods, this important conversation is coming into the light.

In our modern lifestyles, women are increasingly suffering from a hormonal rollercoaster. From tricky puberty to endometriosis, mood swings or PMT, anxiety and adrenal fatigue, low fertility, poor sleep and tummy fat, plus many challenging menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms.

This book is the solution to freeing yourself from the hormone trap

What we eat matters and the food choices you make on a daily basis have a huge impact on your health. This ground-breaking cookbook with 100 simple and delicious low-carb recipes will give you everything you need to balance your hormones and optimise your health for good - at any stage of your life.

Hungry Woman offers a low-carb lifestyle, tasty and easy recipes, and down-to-earth advice helping you feel better and stay better, backed up by science.

Pauline Cox MSc, worked as a physiotherapist for years but noticed people consistently coming into her practice with the same range of problems and decided she wanted to take a more preventative approach to health. She retrained as a Nutritionist specialising in Integrative Medicine and women's health and now helps women of all ages reset their bodies and achieve hormonal balance, resulting in better physical and mental health, weight loss, smoother transitions whatever their age, and lifelong good health.

In Hungry WomanPauline introduces us to our hormones and covers common hormone imbalances, why they happen and the simple changes we can make to re-establish hormonal harmony. Pauline also counters the surplus of misinformation out there on superfoods and supplements and provides the expert lowdown on the essential nutrients we need to support our health. Through understanding our bodies and how to nourish them, we can liberate ourselves from the vicious cycle of a poor relationship with food and be empowered to live life feeling satisfied and fulfilled.

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Hungry Woman by Pauline Cox - Pre-order a Signed Edition

Hungry Woman by Pauline Cox - Pre-order a Signed Edition

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