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Macadamia Nut  Bar- Dark ChocolateMacadamia Nut  Bar- Dark Chocolate
Macadamia Nut Bar- MochaMacadamia Nut Bar- Mocha
Dry Roasted Macadamia Nuts- Sea SaltDry Roasted Macadamia Nuts- Sea Salt
White Chocolate Coated Macadamias- KetoWhite Chocolate Coated Macadamias- Keto
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Macadamia Nuts - Chocolate DippedMacadamia Nuts - Chocolate Dipped
Keto Bread Rolls - 4 pack
Keto8 Vegan Bagels - 3 PackKeto8 Vegan Bagels - 3 Pack
Keto8 Vegan Buns - 4 PackKeto8 Vegan Buns - 4 Pack
Keto8 Pizza Bases
Keto8 Pizza Bases Sale price£9.99
Organic 100% dark chocolate- Almonds
Organic 100% dark chocolate
Organic 100% Dark chocolate- Orange & Cacao nibs
Organic Bone Broth - Chocolate - 240gOrganic Bone Broth - Chocolate - 240g
Organic Bone Broth - Vanilla & Banana 240gOrganic Bone Broth - Vanilla & Banana 240g
Organic Bone Broth - Ancient Mushroom - 240gOrganic Bone Broth - Ancient Mushroom - 240g
Organic Bone Broth - Pure 240gOrganic Bone Broth - Pure 240g
Organic Bone Broth - Pure 450gOrganic Bone Broth - Pure 450g
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Organic Bone Broth Powder Chocolate- 450g
Beef Bone Broth - Grass FedBeef Bone Broth - Grass Fed
Chicken Bone Broth - Responsibly sourcedChicken Bone Broth - Responsibly sourced
Grass-Fed Colostrum PowderGrass-Fed Colostrum Powder
Keto Caveman Fruit Granola 300gKeto Caveman Fruit Granola 300g
Zesty Caveman Grain-free GranolaZesty Caveman Grain-free Granola
Cool Raspberry Grain-free GranolaCool Raspberry Grain-free Granola
Keto Cocoa Hazelnut Bar
Keto Cherry Bakewell Bar - 50gKeto Cherry Bakewell Bar - 50g
Keto Lemon and Poppy Seed BarKeto Lemon and Poppy Seed Bar
Organic Cacao powder 180gOrganic Cacao powder 180g
Arctic Berry Powder - 70gArctic Berry Powder - 70g
Raw Gorilla Keto Berry GranolaRaw Gorilla Keto Berry Granola
Keto Raw Gorilla Granola Choc Chip 250gKeto Raw Gorilla Granola Choc Chip 250g
Raw Gorilla Chocolate Keto GranolaRaw Gorilla Chocolate Keto Granola
Milk Thistle- 90 capsule
NAC+ (N-acetyl cysteine) with Chromium, L-Glutamine and Cinnamon
Fermented Chlorella - 60gFermented Chlorella - 60g
Wild Roaming Lamb Kidney- 90 CapsulesWild Roaming Lamb Kidney- 90 Capsules
Wild Icelandic Lamb Liver supplementsWild Icelandic Lamb Liver supplements
Icelandic Lambs Liver & Heart -90 capsulesIcelandic Lambs Liver & Heart -90 capsules
Hunter & Gather SaucesHunter & Gather Sauces
Riced Cauliflower/Broccoli- 200gRiced Cauliflower/Broccoli- 200g
Organic MCT Oil
Organic MCT Oil Sale price£9.99
Organic MCT Oil- 500mlOrganic MCT Oil- 500ml
Organic Black Seed Oil
Vegan Omega-3 LiquidVegan Omega-3 Liquid
Vegan Omega-3 CapsulesVegan Omega-3 Capsules
Orange Burst Fish OilOrange Burst Fish Oil
Hyaluronic Acid & Silica complex 50 capsules
Digestive Enzymes - 50 capsules
Zinc Complex 15mg - 100 capsules
ViriKid Children's Tiny Multivitamin capsulesViriKid Children's Tiny Multivitamin capsules